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Cornish Wagyu was born at the start of 2015 by John and Lucy Heard a father and daughter team. We have owed Condolden farm since 2000 but after John's father Sid past away in 2010 the farming stopped to focus on our New business Tintagel Brewery.

John had previously feed all sorts of bullocks on waste beer from other local breweries as kobe beef was his favourite. Now producing our own real ales and reading up about not only kobe beef but Wagyu beef Lucy was keen to start the herd up again. We started with 5 Wagyu cross calves on the 19th of January 2015, a year went buy when we got the opportunity to buy a few more.


When our girls where at the right age to bull then we contacted genuis to get them Ai'd. May the 5th it went from a quite slow farm to calving at this point we were only calving 10 cows but all being first time mums it was definitely a handful.

This was the first time Lucy had calved and this is when she fell in love with cows and calving and knew this would be her favourite time of year.


We invested in Arthur the bull 2 years later as Ai was very time consuming. Arthur is a full blood Wagyu bull small in stature but definitely thinks is the biggest bull!!! The girls took some time to get used to Arthur especially our biggest cow on the farm (Fatty) which soon put poor Arthur on his bum. After a few weeks he soon settled in.

Once we had enough head of cattle we sold the Kobe Wagyu Beef to our restaurant here at Tintagel Brewery and we were definitely known for steak nights. At the start of the first lock down we had to stop selling our meat to the restaurant, breeding Stopped to so we have no Brewers malt (the by product from brewing) to feed the cows so we had to come up with an idea quick. We starting selling Wagyu beef boxers around our local area. This proved popular so when shops could open again we put a meat conter in and now we have our online shop. 

Wagyu Cattle are different to your mainstream cattle that are breed to get big and fat fast. Wagyu are slow growers and take a lot longer to get fatten. Our animals are not ready to go to slaughter until they reach 3 years old. this gives them more time on the farm and enhances the tastes and marbling in the meat. The fat runs through the meat and melts down when its cooked giving you so much flavour and taste compared to other breeds. We have found that Kobe style improves the marbling in the meat. All our bullocks are feed on brewers malt which is very high in protein and fed beer before they leave the farm. They still have their water trough and silage on tab all day everyday but twice a day we fill a smaller trough with real ale from Our Brewery here on the other side of the farm. They love the beer and have even been known to hear us coming and stand by the beer trough ready and waiting.

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